Directors Inc

Providing governance support and placement services as well as professional advice from highly-skilled directors.

Governance Healthcheck

We offer a hands-on appraisal of the overall governance of your organisation, which includes a peer-reviewed report with practical recommendations that will help you to establish, build on or improve whatever governance practices you have in place.

In conducting the Governance Health Check, we’ll meet with each of your Trustees to gain an in-depth understanding of your organization and your responsibilities as a Board, and we’ll complete the appraisal with your goals and purposes in mind.  Conducted by one or more of our directors, the Governance Health Check will consider a range of different aspects from board composition and board development to board effectiveness, policy, work plan and board reporting.

Angel Services

Not all boards feel the need to appoint an external director or advisor, but at times there may be gaps in the skill-set of your management team, or you might just like a fresh perspective or a challenging opinion to spur you on your journey. We offer a unique service – Angel Directors ®.  Where one or more of our highly-qualified and experienced Angel Directors ®, are available for a short-term placement (up to six months) within your organisation.

Our Angel Directors ®  are independent and for the duration of the placement will assist you in establishing a best practice governance framework for your organization (if not already in place), or we can work with your existing board, supporting your trustees and providing guidance or recommendations on the specific areas on which you want to focus.

Governance Prescription

A healthy board is an important asset for your organization – but it can be challenging to ensure your board runs smoothly and efficiently all the time.  We know that there will be times when the health of even the most effective of boards is threatened, which is why we offer the Governance Prescription; confidential guidance on your governance challenges.

Whether it’s a conflict within the board or with key staff or stakeholders, confusion as to how to respond to legislative changes, poor strategy or performance, lack of clarity in board reporting, or any other challenge your board may be facing our directors will assess your situation and bring their wealth of experience across a range of industries and situations to suggest solutions and offer support to remedy your governance challenges.


Understand the primary responsibilities of a director and why you need one in your business.


Find out how a qualified director could benefit the running of your organisation.


Discover the world of opportunities the position of director provides to ambitious candidates.

Role Of A Director:

Understand the primary responsibilities of directors, trustees and board members and the purpose of governance.

Governance refers to the rules, practices and processes by which a company is directed and controlled (usually set out in the organisations constitution) and involves balancing the interests of an organisations stakeholders.  Good governance builds and sustains stakeholder confidence, improves operational performance and reduces risk.

Directors, trustees or board members are the people appointed by an organisations owners, shareholders or members to carry out the governance function.  The management and staff of the organization carry out the management and operation of the organisations day to day activities.

The key responsibility of directors, trustees or board members is to add value to and provide strategic oversight of the organisation.  This will include;

  • Leading the development of the organisations purpose, goals and strategy and ensuring its execution with clear delegation of authority, responsibility and resources
  • Monitoring and measuring performance of the organization and CEO and holding to account when performance targets are not met
  • Ensuring the organization remains solvent (including the integrity of financial reporting systems) and complies with regulatory requirements (e.g. Companies Act)

Benefits Of A Director:

Find out how a qualified governance professional can add value to your organisation.

Appointing an independent director to your organization brings many advantages and many ways to add value.  Some of these include;

  • Independent board members bring an independent perspective – they may not know all the history of your organization, but they’re not hindered by that history either
  • Directors are required to act in the best interests of your organization, so you have someone on your side, looking out for your best interests (they are more committed, and less expensive in the long run than hiring consultants)
  • Many board members bring with them a network of contacts, that can introduce your organization to new clients, new sources of advice, new markets or technologies and more
  • Directors can bring an element of discipline to an organization, with constructive challenging that lifts the focus from operational activity to the strategic imperatives
  • Having a board in place adds credibility for the organization, particularly when negotiating with lenders or suppliers
  • Effective directors can lift the performance of the organization, sometimes in the form of increased profits, but often also in the avoidance of loss or risk

Become A Director:

Interested in becoming a director? Find out how Directors Inc. can help emerging directors.

The team at Directors Inc are passionate about building governance capability, both yours and for the organisations you govern.  Our aim is to help you become a better director and secure new and challenging governance roles.  How do we do this?  We offer real life experience (not training courses!) in a stimulating, fun and collegial environment.

  • Apply Best Practice; As a shareholder or Director you will participate in board meetings for our Company (including taking on the role of Chair, or Company Secretary) and lead sub-committee projects
  • Hands On Professional Development; Sharpen your governance knowledge and skills by interviewing experienced practitioners, take part in challenging board simulations or join the cluster in working towards becoming a Chartered Member of the IoD
  • Gain Practical Experience; Working for Directors Inc you will have the opportunity to gain real experience with our clients by completing governance reviews, preparing governance advice or completing a short term directorship assignment (‘Angel Director’) – all with the back-up and support of the whole Directors Inc team
  • Professional Profile; Shareholders in Directors Inc are profiled on our website and provided with a Directors Inc email address and business card to assist them in presenting themselves professionally for prospective board roles

If you are an emerging director, or have an interest in a governance career, are a member of the Institute of Directors and are committed to becoming board-ready, we’d love to have you as part of the Directors Inc team.

Interested in becoming a Director?